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MERL's Multiphysical Systems group is seeking an exceptional researcher in the areas of computational analysis of large-scale interconnected dynamical systems, model-based control system design, and mathematical software engineering. Our group conducts fundamental, academically-oriented research in model-based design and analysis of complex multiphysical systems, emphasizing thermofluid, electrical power, and mechatronic applications. Using state-of-the-art equation-oriented languages such as Modelica, we construct system-level dynamic models and use them to design new control and estimation algorithms, analyze complex dynamic behaviors, optimize product performance, and prototype new products and services that are enabled by simulation. Current research interests include model predictive control, data assimilation and large-scale inverse problems, and next-generation tools for scientific computing. Mitsubishi Electric's broad commercial footprint provides ample opportunities to pursue fundamental research motivated by important industrial applications.

The successful candidate will bring an independent research agenda and a track record commensurate with experience, and be willing and able to form and work within interdisciplinary R&D teams. This is a leadership position, with an opportunity to shape and drive a corporate R&D agenda, and the intent to impact the academic research field as well as Mitsubishi Electric businesses. Additional responsibilities may include strategic planning, mentoring and supervision of technical staff and interns, and establishment of academic partnerships depending on seniority.


  • A Ph.D. from an internationally-recognized institution in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or equivalent, or in applied mathematics,
  • Experience with constructing and using system-level dynamic models of multiphysical systems of interest,
  • Knowledge of control theory and experience with model-based control system design,
  • Strong software engineering skills,
  • A strong publication record in leading conferences and journals, consistent with experience,
  • A record for independently proposing and executing research programs with academic impact, and
  • Strong teamwork, communication, listening, strategic leadership, and teaching skills.

  • Interested parties must submit a cover letter and a one-page statement of research interests.

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