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MERL has an open position for Visiting Research Scientist in the Mechatronics Group. The Mechatronics group pursues cutting-edge research in control systems design, dynamical systems, optimization, and estimation algorithms, with applications to transportation systems, automotive, factory automation and robotics, building systems and HVAC, satellite systems, and electric power systems.

The candidate is expected to perform state of the art research in at least one of the two areas:

(1) formal methods for control design of cyber-physical systems (CPS);

(2) combined model-based and machine-learning approaches for control design.

The key applications areas will be in automotive, mobile robotics, and energy management. Strong algorithm implementation skills in Matlab are expected, and working knowledge in C/C++ and ROS, or desire to spend considerable time in learning them is highly desired.

Research Area:



Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Conceiving and conducting innovative and relevant research in at least one of the above areas
  • Publishing results in leading technical journals, conferences and in patent applications,
  • Applying the research results to company-relevant R&D projects,
  • Collaborating with research staff, academic partners and mentoring interns.

Qualifications for this position are:

  • A Ph.D. from an internationally-recognized institution in mechanical, electrical, aerospace engineering, or computer science with focus on control or machine learning
  • A strong publication record consistent with experience,
  • Extensive knowledge of formal methods for control design or machine learning
  • Experience and interest in implementing algorithms in robotic laboratory setups
  • Strong teamwork, communication, listening and teaching skills.

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