Headquarters / Linux/Network Administrator

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States · HQ · HQ24


Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) is the North American subsidiary of the corporate research and development organization of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. MERL conducts application-motivated basic research and advanced development in optimization, control and signal processing. MERL is seeking an IT professional to join its Central Services team, who will be responsible for directing the support of all computer hardware systems and server assets, which network users rely on for file sharing, printing, email and Internet usage at MERL.

Research Area: Headquarters




Implement and support the email system; recommend design changes. Assist with backup and granular restore support of Open Source and some Microsoft products. Design, maintain, and repair network servers. Make sure appropriate hardware and software is installed to meet technology demands at MERL. Implement and support virtual servers and desktops using KVM, VMARE & Citrix etc. Servers. Installs, configures and maintains LINUX operating systems.

Perform software installations and upgrades. Diagnoses and resolves LINUX-related issues and logs troubleshooting reports. Install, configure and maintain workstation computers and other related hardware components, network cards and software. Receive, investigate and respond to user questions and problems encountered with hardware/software, diagnose problems and performing troubleshooting activities. Manages user account information, including rights, security and systems groups.

Plan and train staff in the installation and support of local and wide area networks. Train users in use of software, hardware, and network systems. Arrange for return of defective parts and warranty service to manufacturer or supplies. Configures, tests, maintains and resolves issues related to LAN and WAN.

Document procedures for installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting, and management of the MERL's information assets. Maintains and operates computer systems or networks. Installs, supports and manages servers and resolves issues as needed. Installs patches and performs system backups and recovery. Monitors system configuration and maintains data files.


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