Multimedia / Principal or Senior Principal Research Scientist - Speech & Audio

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States · MM · MM28


MERL's Speech & Audio Team is seeking an exceptional researcher in the area of artificial intelligence, with particular focus on audio, speech, and language processing. We are looking for candidates with a strong background and experience in deep learning and other advanced machine learning techniques.

Our research focuses on cutting-edge projects for robust acquisition, recognition, and understanding of speech and audio, such as end-to-end speech recognition, speech and sound separation, deep-learning-based microphone array processing, acoustic scene understanding, and multi-modal processing.

As a member of our team, you will conduct original research that aims to advance state-of-the-art solutions in the field, with opportunities to work on both fundamental and application-motivated problems. Your work will involve initiating new projects with long-term research goals and leading key efforts.

MERL is one of the most academically-oriented industrial research labs in the world, and the ideal environment to thrive as a leader in the speech and audio field. MERL strongly supports, encourages, and values academic activities such as publishing and presenting research results at top conferences, collaborating with university professors and students, organizing workshops and challenges, and generally maintaining an influential presence in the scientific community.


Research Area: Multimedia

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