About Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

MERL's overriding vision is to deliver innovation that has a lasting impact on the world — innovation that will be remembered 100 years from now. For more than two decades we have produced cutting edge technological advances, fundamentally rethinking a number of problems and delivering radical improvements.

MERL is home to some of the world's leading experts in a variety of areas, such as Computer Vision, Audio & Video Processing, Digital Communications, Data Analytics, Mechatronics and Algorithms. As a member of our staff you will enjoy a high level of collaboration, driving rapid progress on large interdisciplinary problems.

We are hiring highly qualified and motivated individuals who share our vision. As part of our team, your research will focus on fundamental problems with wide applicability. If you share our vision and motivation, take a look at our job openings or our internship positions and apply!

Internship at MERL

MERL's internship program gives students excellent opportunities to work in an industrial research lab environment side-by-side with world-class researchers.

A primary intent of the program is to provide interns with experience that could help them enhance and accelerate their professional career, while also contributing to new or ongoing initiatives at MERL. Interns will be exposed to relevant industrial problems ranging from speculative and exploratory research to more practical engineering tasks. We hope that all interns have a chance to become familiar with our organization and the open research culture at MERL, produce publishable work, and develop an appreciation for how breakthrough research makes an impact on future products.

MERL considers graduate students from all over the world. As many of our projects benefit from specialized knowledge in a given field, graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. typically fill the majority of internship openings.

The duration of a typical internship varies from 3 months to 1 year, with the majority of interns being employed during the summer months. As the summer is a very busy time, we encourage applications for non-summer internships and also prefer early applications for summer internships. Hiring decisions for the summer are typically made around February/March to allow enough time for any necessary paperwork (such as visa applications or other work eligibility forms) to be completed.

Current openings